Our Updated Sales & Ownership Agreement

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve made changes to our Sales & Ownership Agreement to better serve you! As a new hot tub customer, you will be asked to review and e-sign our Sales & Ownership Agreement, effective 02/01/21 we’re please to announce that we will not be charging ANY mileage fees for service calls under warranty. In fact we will be retro-actively updating all existing Agreements with our existing Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Customers! While the industry standard is to charge a “reasonable mileage fee” we’ve always felt that it was an unfair to burden the customer with covering any expenses related to fixing their hot tub under warranty. So as long as you remain in our dealership’s local territory (RDU Triangle area) we’ll be there to maintain your spa at no cost to you under the manufacturers warranty.

Once your spa is no longer under the original warranty, or if you move to a new home outside of the greater Triangle area, you will be assessed a reasonable mileage fee based on your location. Please note that warranties do not transfer so if you sell your house or sell your hot tub, the new owners will not be covered under the manufacturers warranty.

We’ve also updated our cancellation policy to give you the peace of mind that if at any time, you can decide to cancel your spa order, there will be no penalty to you. If you paid your deposit with a debit or credit card, you will still be subject to any processing fees related to your purchase/return but there are no re-stocking fees or return/cancelation fees. If you pay with an e-check or ACH transfer, you will be refunded the full amount with no processing fees. We can appreciate that these are uncertain times and want you to feel comfortable with your purchase, especially if your spa is several months out from delivery.

We do still require payment in full 5 business days prior to delivery so that we can transfer the ownership over to you on the day of delivery. And no worry with taking the time to register your spa for warranty, we take care of that for you. So on the day of delivery, all you have to do is fill it with water and have your electrician come connect it to power! Let the relaxing begin!

Below you will find a copy of our complete Sales & Ownership Agreement. Once you have selected your hot tub, we’ll fill in the blanks and send you a copy to e-sign and send back to us. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Sales and Ownership Agreement:

Special COVID-19 Policy: Doing business during COVID-19 has certainly created challenges in global product supply chains that are critical to the manufacturing process. For this reason, any projected delivery date is subject to change. Jacuzzi® is no longer providing specific promise dates, rather they are assigning a timeframe they expect to have your spa ready to ship (ex. Late 2020, Early 2021). We will provide regular communication and updates on your new spa’s estimated delivery date as we receive updates from Jacuzzi®.

Hot Tub Model: ______________________________________________

Jacuzzi® currently indicates that your hot tub has an estimated arrival window of:


  1. PAYMENT: Ownership of all goods is to remain the sole property of the seller until the invoice is paid in full and delivery is completed.
  2. A 50%deposit is required at the time of purchase.
  3. Payment in full is required 5 business days prior to hot tub delivery.
  4. RETURN AND CANCELLATION POLICY: If the order is cancelled after the date of purchase, the customer will be responsible for any credit card or bank transaction fees related to the sale/ refund. Refunds will be issued in the same form of payment made at the time of purchase and may take up to 5-7 business days to process. Once a hot tub is delivered to your property and the delivery conditions have been accepted, returns/refunds will not be considered.
  5. DELIVERY: Spa delivery to backyards is only possible on flat ground with adequate access clearances. Any obstacle (i.e. width or height restrictions, steps, utility meters, storage sheds, or debris) will inhibit Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of the Triangle’s ability to deliver spa.

    In such cases, rescheduling the delivery will be necessary and additional delivery charges will apply, approximately $500-750 depending on your location. Additional delivery charges will also be applied should you postpone your scheduled delivery with less than 48 hours notice.

  6. In the event a crane or other equipment is required for delivery, the customer/homeowner is responsible for any equipment rental fees and must be paid directly to the contracting rental company. If additional team members are required for a complicated delivery, additional delivery fees may apply.
  7. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of the Triangle or its contractors assume no responsibility for damage to your yard or landscaping in pursuit of delivering your hot tub to your property. If you have concerns about traversing your property (location of bushes, trees, grass, or other surface conditions) please bring that to our attention well in advance of your new hot tub so we can plan accordingly.
  8. A homeowner or authorized representative must be present at the time of delivery to accept delivery and sign off on the condition of the spa. A notation regarding any damages, concerns, or unfinished tasks must be documented at this time. Failure to sign or notate said document by the customer shall absolve Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of the Triangle of any and all flaws/damage to the spa.
  9. STORAGE: Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of the Triangle will store your hot tub until you are ready for delivery. If your delivery is delayed beyond 30 days of your hot tub’s arrival to our warehouse or beyond 30 days of the purchase date (if your spa is already in-stock at our warehouse) we require payment in full at the 30-day mark. We will continue to store your hot tub for no charge for up to 6 months, after 6 months there is a $49/mo. storage fee.
  10. INSTALLATION: Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of the Triangle shall not be responsible for the performance of any contractor hired directly by customer/homeowner to complete installation. Any damage incurred by improper installation, electrical hook up or alteration will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. (See Electrical, Planning & Permitting Addendum for details).
  11. Electric connection should be completed by a licensed electrician at the expense of the customer/homeowner to factory specifications. The delivery crew does not connect electricity to spa equipment. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of the Triangle does not provide any electrical equipment or services.
  12. PERMITS: Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of the Triangle is not responsible for city or HOA permits. Cost of permits are to be paid directly by customer/homeowner (see Permitting & Planning Addendum for details).
  13. WARRANTIES: No warranties are expressed or implied other than the manufacture’s original warranty. Failure to comply with the manufacturer’s care instructions and installation guidelines may void the warranty.
  14. In the event that your spa requires service calls under warranty, you will not be charged for parts or labor to fix a warranty-related issue, nor will you be charged a mileage fee to service your spa under warranty. If we arrive and discover the call is unwarranted (ie: dirty filter, tripped breaker, etc) then you will be billed accordingly. Once the manufacturer’s warranty term has expired, you will be assessed a reasonable mileage fee for service calls.
  15. ACCESS: To facilitate a repair, your hot tub must be accessible. If additional time and effort are needed to make a spa-side accessible, a labor charge will be due (see Access Addendum/ Recessed Hot Tub Agreement for details).
  16. SITE PREP: Any damage resulting from an inadequately built deck, floor support, and/or patio surface is the sole responsibility of the customer/homeowner.

CONTRACT: This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the parties. Only the products listed on the invoice are being purchased. Customer is not to expect any additional products or services. Oral expression for additional products and/or services shall not be binding.

I, ______________________________, have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions (including the COVID-19 Policy) outlined above and agree to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation, maintenance and use of my new hot tub.

_____________________ _________

Customer Signature/Date

_____________________ _________


*See and sign attached Addendums for:

1. Planning and Permitting Guidelines
2. Access/Recessed Hot Tub Agreement

Planning & Permitting Addendum:

Designing and planning the perfect space for your new hot tub can seem overwhelming at first. But don’t worry, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of the Triangle can help you navigate all the details that you will need to understand for a smooth and safe hot tub installation.

When you purchase a hot tub from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of the Triangle, we will send out our preferred electrician to verify electrical needs and correctly asses any upfits required to correctly operate your new hot tub. We will provide you with a copy of the necessary electrical upfits needed to comply with the manufacturers warranty. If you would like, while our electrician is doing the site inspection on our behalf you may opt to ask him to provide a cost estimate with specifications to perform all the required electrical work. At the minimum, you will have an accurate technical blueprint of the electrical work that needs to be done and an honest estimate and with regards to cost, should you choose to compare quotes with another electrician. If you choose to hire a different electrician, please be aware that any damages or errors due to improper electrical hook up and installation are not covered by the warranty and necessary repairs or service calls are at the customers expense.

Here’s how we can help:

Offer planning and design assistance and assist your builder/contractor with specifications and review proposed plans

Provide you with detailed specifications of the hot tub(s) you are considering

Provide you with safety and compliance documentation required for permitting

Provide you with electrical specifications and requirements for your hot tub

Assist you in learning how to properly maintain and care for your new hot tub

Here’s what you and your contractor/builder will need to accomplish:

Review your city/county permitting requirements and if needed, pull required permits*

Read and review the Pre-Delivery Guide provided by Jacuzzi ® Hot Tubs and be sure that you understand the manufacturers recommendations for installation and delivery, including but not limited to:

o Creating a solid, flat foundation with adequate drainage for your new hot tub to be placed.

o Providing an unobstructed path for the delivery crew. Please be aware that if a crane or other equipment beyond basic delivery is needed, the homeowner or contractor will need to provide at your expense.

o Hiring a licensed electrician to provide and connect your new Jacuzzi® Hot Tub to power.

o Locating your hot tub near a water source and fill your new hot tub with water.

I, ______________________________, understand that Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of the Triangle cannot pull permits on my behalf and as the homeowner, I am responsible for creating a space that adheres to the manufacturer’s suggested guidelines as well as any city/county permitting requirements. If I choose to hire an electrician that is not approved by Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of the Triangle, I accept all liability for damage to my hot tub if the hot tub is incorrectly connected to power.

_____________________ ________

Customer Signature/Date

_______________________ ______


*Every city/county has different requirements for permitting. In most cases, with a hot tub that has a water table of 24” or more, a permit is required for the hot tub. There are certainly exceptions but in most cases, we advise you to be prepared to pull permits for the surface that the hot tub will be placed on (deck/patio), the hot tub itself, as well as the electrical going to the hot tub

Access Addendum/ Recessed Hot Tub Agreement:
Being able to provide you with exceptional service and maintenance of your new Jacuzzi® Hot Tub is a top priority for Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of the Triangle. We suggest that you place your spa directly on a deck or patio surface allowing ample access to all sides of the hot tub for future service and maintenance. If you choose to install your new hot tub in an enclosed area (dropping down into a deck, positioning the spa in such a way that blocks access to the equipment panel or building around it, etc), you must leave at least 24” of accessible space to allow for a technician to gain access to your new hot tub’s equipment access panel(s).

If you elect to enclose the hot tub in such a way that does not allow access for our service technicians, then we will not be able to provide service on your spa.

Please ask us for our input during the design process so we can help you plan to take care of your spa for many years to come. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of the Triangle can help you and/or your contractor with creative solutions that can create a custom installation to suit your needs and still allow technicians to repair and maintain your hot tub in the future.

Here’s a few examples of problematic situations:

If you build a deck around your hot tub and no access is provided, you will need to cut out a section of your deck to gain access to the equipment compartment (at your expense) or make arrangements with a crane company to extract the spa so the service can be performed (also at your expense).

If we arrive onsite and find that no access has been provided and we can’t perform the necessary scheduled service, you will be responsible for fees related to a one hour service call and we will re-schedule you for service after the spa has been made accessible, even if the spa is under the manufacturer’s warranty.

If our service technician has trouble accessing your hot tub and has extra time/labor involved in getting to the needed area, then you will be responsible for additional labor charges at an hourly rate even if the spa is under the manufacturer’s warranty.

If your hot tub has to be physically lifted out of a built-in deck/patio installation you will be charged a minimum of $800 for the removal and re-delivery of the spa, even if the spa is under the manufacturer’s warranty. If a crane is needed to assist in the removal, you will also be responsible for the equipment rental fees.

If your hot tub has to be physically moved away from a retaining wall to provide service, you will be charged a minimum of $600 for the relocating and re-delivery of the spa, even if the spa is under the manufacturer’s warranty.

I, _____________________________, acknowledge and agree to the conditions and service policy stated above and take responsibility for providing access to my hot tub’s equipment. In the event that access is not adequate, I accept all charges deemed necessary to remove or gain access to my hot tub’s service panel, even if my hot tub is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

_____________________ ________

Customer Signature/ Date

_______________________ ______


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