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Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs Price List

We have Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs and Swim Spas arriving regularly and can deliver as soon as they arrive!

* Includes SmartTub & Exterior Lights in MSRP and sale price (J-300™, J-400™, and J-500™ collections only.)

** Swim Spas: ClearRay Active Oxygen Water Care System & Starter Kit included, Fitness Tracking Swim Goggles (1 pair) included on all models except J-13, Insulated Rolling Cover Included.

Hot Tub Lifestyle Event discounts can not be combined with any other offers or promotions.

Special financing offers available on select models, call store for details.

BrandModelRetail PriceRebateSale PriceLink
Jacuzzi®J-215™ $8,179$1,284$6,895
Jacuzzi®J-225™ $8,746$1,251$7,495
Jacuzzi®J-235™ $9,848$1,453$8,395
Jacuzzi®J-245™ $9,848$1,453$8,395
Jacuzzi®J-275™ $11,520$1,725$9,795
Jacuzzi®J-280™ $11,520$1,725$9,795
Jacuzzi®J-315™ (110v) *$10,746$1,151$9,595
Jacuzzi®J-315™ (240v) *$12,137$2,242$9,895
Jacuzzi®J-325™ *$12,137$1,842$10,295
Jacuzzi®J-335™ *$14,484$1,489$12,995
Jacuzzi®J-345™ *$14,484$1,489$12,995
Jacuzzi®J-355™ *$15,788$1,493$14,295
Jacuzzi®J-365™ *$15,788$1,493$14,295
Jacuzzi®J-375™ *$17,443$1,748$15,695
Jacuzzi®J-385™ *$17,443$1,748$15,695
Jacuzzi®J-425™ *$17,017$2,422$14,595
Jacuzzi®J-435™ *$19,686$3,691$15,995
Jacuzzi®J-445™ *$19,686$3,691$15,995
Jacuzzi®J-475™ *$22,524$3,829$18,695
Jacuzzi®J-485™ *$22,524$3,829$18,695
Jacuzzi®J-495™ *$26,073$4,878$21,195
Jacuzzi®J-575™ *$24,482$3,287$21,195
Jacuzzi®J-585™ *$24,482$3,287$21,195
Jacuzzi®J-16 PowerActive™$33,179$2,500$30,679
Jacuzzi®J-16 PowerPro®$38,739$3,000$35,739
Jacuzzi®J-19 PowerActive™$38,739$3,000$35,739
Jacuzzi®J-19 PowerPro®$44,779$4,000$40,779

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*See in store for details about financing offers. **Discounts can not be combined with any other offers or promotions.