What’s in my New Hot Tub’s Starter Kit???

A new hot tub can be little bit like a new baby! There’s a lot of excitement but the first few weeks, you are going to have a bunch of questions. And that’s what I’m here for, so never hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

We start ALL of our Jacuzzi® Hot Tub customers off with a Premium Water Care Kit that has everything you will need to get up and running and stocked with the essentials. Most of our customers are excited about the @Ease® SmartChlor® Water Care System so that’s what we start you off with…but if you prefer using a granular sodium di-chlor or bromine instead, just let us know and swap anything out for you.

Prevent bio-film build-up and support spa equipment efficiency with Jacuzzi® ProClear™ Plus. This patented water enhancer improves sanitizer performance, reduces pH fluctuations and simplifies your water care routine. A great addition for anyone with sensitive skin, it’s gentle on the skin, softens and conditions the water and leaves a mild lavender scent. This product is a 1.5L bottle with a built in measuring cap (also available in a bigger 2.5L bottle). The 1.5L bottle will typically last about 10-12 weeks.

The Mineral Harmony Starter Kit featuring @ease™ includes:
(1) @ease™ Mineral Cartridge
(1) @ease™ Chlorine Cartridge
(1) @ease™ Test Strips
(1) Jump Start (2 oz.)
(1) Mineral Harmony Boost (16 oz.)
(1) Mineral Harmony Lift (1 lb.)
(1) Mineral Harmony Lower (1.25 lb.)
(1) Mineral Harmony Refresh (1 lb.)
(1) Mineral Harmony Guard (16 oz.)
(1) Measuring Cup (4 oz.)
(1) Mineral Harmony Water Care Reference Card

We also include a Pre-Filter with every new hot tub so that trace minerals and contaminants are removed from your water supply. Each pre-filter is good for about 10,000 gallons, so you will keep this to reuse anytime you add water to your spa.

Most starter kits also include a bottle of sodium di-chlor, which is there for you if you need it (like if you accidentally run out of SmartChlor® tablets and need a little something to hold you over until you get more tablets. But if you are using the @Ease® SmartChlor® system, there should not be a need for regular chlorine use!

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